Hello and welcome! I am an animator currently based out of Dallas, TX.

After completing a BFA in Computer Animation in 1998 with honors from Ringling, I worked for a year in California where I was introduced to animation for broadcast and film. There, I learned to be a generalist, taking shots from concept to final composite. I learned the complexities of working with live action and the digital asset management required to keep the studio on schedule. This led to an offer with Digital Animations in Scotland in 2000 where I was animating exclusively on game cinematics at first. I took it upon myself to streamline production through tighter digital asset management, and to increase the visual and narrative quality of the cinematics by spending more time in the layout, animatic previsualizations, and shot breakdown stages of production.

In 2002 I accepted the first of a series of contract jobs in London where I was a character animator on the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In 2003 I accepted a job with Paradigm Entertainment making games. Besides animation, my responsibilities involved a lot of the technical aspects of architecting animation trees, evaluating middleware such as Havok and NaturalMotion products, and planning our setups and animation pipeline.


From October 2008 to October 2013 I worked at id Software. Check out a few videos HERE!

In October 2013 I started working at BossFight Entertainment. When I'm not animating, I'm usually scripting (in MEL, Python and PyMel) or figuring out something new. Check it out and feel free to get in touch and say hello. Enjoy.



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